Marvelous Amazing Rockstar Yahoo! (haylmerri) wrote in je_veux_ceci,
Marvelous Amazing Rockstar Yahoo!

I am in love with these shoes.

Sonia by Gallaz

  • Brushed suede toe and heel.
  • High cut, breathable knit top with unique graphic.
  • Pom-pom tie detail.
  • EVA footbed.
  • Suede wrapped die-cut EVA.
  • Crepe effect rubber outsole.

    They're like a slipper and a shoe all rolled into one, and they look super comfy. The price -- $ 97.95 -- is the only thing stopping me.

    *edit: I always forget to check this, but I just thought to -- They don't have my size in stock. They have every other size except 8. How annoying. I guess it's probably for the best. Fate is telling me it's not meant to be. :(
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