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Have you ever been to a website with so many things on it that you don't even know where to begin looking . . . so you don't? That's what Etsy is to me. 

I decided to spend some time tackling all the neat things on there though, so here are some cool things I saw:
(Click for link to the item)

Hand-made linen bag
Seller: vintage

Posh pouch diaper and wipes holder
Seller: Keiki Boutique
Not sure about how practical it is since I have no experience with diaper-needing babies . . . but looks good!

Simple complexity
Dandelion shirt
Seller: circularaccessories

Vintage white and black reversible apron
Seller: whimsiedots

Pea pod cat toy
Seller: demoderby

Origami fridge magnets
Seller: demoderby
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