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shirley shirley bo birley

No items over $20.00? We must investigate

After reading an article about it yesterday and today, I'm interested in checking out Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line, Bitten. The only Steve & Barry's in Phoenix (or Arizona, for that matter), is at Desert Sky Mall at 75th Ave. and Thomas. Who wants to schedule some time to make an outing?

I have yet to see what the entire line looks like, but there was a preview that Sarah Jessica Parker did on Oprah May 18th: click. The "Fashion for All" link has a slide show of outfits.

I've been reading some blogs and reviews that:
- call the line boring and uninspired
- question the quality of the line

I guess that doesn't bother me because you get what you pay for, plus cheap is good for getting basics. I've gotten clothes from H&M and Forever 21 that have been pretty crappy too.
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