Marvelous Amazing Rockstar Yahoo! (haylmerri) wrote in je_veux_ceci,
Marvelous Amazing Rockstar Yahoo!


Right now:
-- Stores I'm shopping:
Target, T.J. Maxx, Old Navy, eBay, Zappos, craft stores (Michaels, Joann, A.C. Moore). I'm going to be into anything that sells baby stuff and scrapbooking supplies.
-- Web sites I'm checking: Baby Center, for baby advice/info, etc. Their store is really good too.
-- Blogs I'm reading: Digg-Frank got me into it. It's a huge time-sucker.
-- Clothes I'm wearing: Casual Friday stuff (Old Navy sweatshirt, American Eagle t-shirt and jeans)
-- Shoes I'm wearing: Heart-patterned, slip-on sneakers from Payless
-- Stuff on my shopping list: Baby gear, scrapbooking supplies, sandals, work-appropriate clothing, books and magazines
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